Friday, 9 February 2007

The Allotment Man Cometh

On 27th January 2007 I became the proud tenant of 120 square metres of London Borough of Richmond goodness.

All I had to do next was to:

  • Acquire a shed

  • Get some gardening tools

  • Learn something about growing fruit and vegetables

  • Do a lot of digging

  • Plant some green things

  • Wait

  • Eat

  • Er...

  • That's it, isn't it?

So far I have:

  • Been loaned the use of a shed or three whilst I get my own sorted out

  • Been loaned some gardening tools

  • Been promised some gardening tools of my own at the end of February

  • Been told by a friend, builder and fellow allotment holder that he is getting bits and pieces together to build my shed from

  • Learned very little about growing fruit and vegetables (though I can now say "Crop Rotation" with ease and confidence)

  • Done a lot of digging

Whilst totally unable to get The Who's "Now I'm a Farmer" out of my mind I am a proud, if somewhat daunted, man I can tell you!

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